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The Retreat experience can produce a profound and transformative experience of healing and reset.  We give ourselves permission to hit 'pause' in our busy, day-to-day lives.  We detox digitally, and we are unplugged from the outside world.  A beautiful, peaceful, nurturing space is held for us.  Truly healthy meals are lovingly prepared for us.  We are surrounded by a community that holds sacred space for us, and all the constant chatter and chaos of the outside world is quieted. 


We're safe and protected, our needs are attended to.


Inspirations return, energy returns, and goals and dreams return.  More importantly, we can return to our Self. 


Thus, we retreat to recalibrate, rejuvenate, reorient, recuperate, reset, and realign with the person we know we can be.


When coupled with the aspects of psychotherapeutics, restorative mindfulness, therapeutic yoga practices, and a safely-held space, you can leave the demands and confines of the narratives of your outside world and explore your personal world within.  You can refuel and empower your visions for your life as you have envisioned it, you can reconnect with who you truly want to be, and you will learn and incorporate tools to further your healing.


And you can do so within a safe, luxurious, container at our Retreats. 


You will be with others who are dedicated to their own healing and betterment and who are supportive of the same for you.  You'll be with facilitators who are uniquely and extensively trained and credentialed in trauma and holistic healing.  You will experience learning in new, fun, and unique ways.  


And, you'll be able to truly attend to your deeper needs and desires.  You'll move past where you are stuck or blocked in your life and the needs that routinely get sidelined or ignored in the day-to-day experience of your life will be addressed.  You'll learn, grow and flourish.  

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